With our extensive experience of private market funds and in-depth customer knowledge Fulmar Partners is not only able to provide clients with strategic and practical advice, but also able to support implementation of our advice. This will ensure that our strategic advisory services will not remain a theoretical exercise, but will work and add value in practice.

Advising Institutional Investors
As we only select the best emerging private market fund managers for our placement activities, Fulmar Partners is experienced in assessing these funds thoroughly. Next to commercial viability this also includes a full risk assessment.

We offer these assessment skills to institutional investors e.g., for funds that approached you, or funds on which you have an eye because you believe they would fit your mandate. Based on our assessment we prepare a risk opinion which is ready for submission to your Investment Committee.

Advising first time Alternative Investment Fund Managers
An effective fundraising campaign requires ‘market readiness’ and is essential to successfully onboard potential LP’s. Fulmar Partners can improve your proposition by enhancing your:

  • Fund marketing strategy and related documents
  • Governance structure (IC, Advisory Board)
  • Risk management procedures
  • Fund documentation
  • Fund and fee structure