Raising series A / B
Due to our strong investor network we arrange capital introductions (Series A and B) for Tech Ventures with a proven product- market combination, generating at least € 1M -5M in revenues and a 50%+ YoY growth potential.

As you don’t want to have your first contact with a VC investor right before you are starting to raise, we advise to initiate these relationships at least 6+ months in advance. Also, for investors to get to know your company. Fulmar Partners can assist you during this journey.

Investor Relations
Raising capital is an ongoing effort and time consuming and you want to stay focused on managing your company. Fulmar Partners can therefore also fulfill your Investor Relations role (e.g., Series A and B).

Advisory Board
With our experience in raising series A / B for international ventures, we have seen what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes this requires a change of your strategy, human resources, marketing, sales approach etc. As member of your Advisory Board, we can fulfill a valuable role in all these areas.